Wikileaks: the third cable chewed and digested

The Ambassador continues to describe a country teetering on the brink of something, but we know that the Isaias regime must be more robust than he thinks as the situation is unchanged almost exactly a year later.

You really should read it in its entirity.  Its very short, and hyperlinked below.


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry:

Defense Minister Sebhat Efrem (who the Ambassador has touted as a possible successor to Isaias) convoked army colonels in late November for a three-day conference on professional and career issues. On the second day a serious row reportedly broke out among the conferees; the acrimony rose so high that General Sebhat cancelled the rest of the conference and sent the quarreling colonels back to their units. The bone of contention? Perceived differences in the quality of the villas (often confiscated from the original owners) given to the colonels by the regime to maintain their allegiance.

It is evident that Britain’s soft power is more relevant than we might think:  “Senior government and party officials are avid fans of the British Premier League and sometimes leave official functions early to catch key matches.”  (Can this be leveraged?)

Has Wikileaks removed one section?  The cable states ”[Content removed]” and then picks up with ”Eritreans are fearful of associating with foreigners as they are often grilled afterwards by security thugs. XXXXXXXXXXXX”   This is where we get a faint smell of the putrid, potentially horrific implications of the Wikileaks phenomenon.  

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the individual(s) whose name(s) has/have been redacted.

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