Ella Thomas: Eritrean and exceptionally beautiful

There aren’t a lot of very famous Eritreans in the West, and in today’s personality obsessed media environment I’m afraid that’s a disadvantage for Eritrea.

VE has tried to identify some of them (athletes, cyclists, footballers so far), and we’ll keep on doing so.  Partly because its interesting in a sort of Hello! magazine kind of way, but also because its useful.

Celebrities enable us to put a human face on an idea or a concept.  Here in the UK Lord Sugar has become a proxy for our idea of how business operates, Johnson Beharry VC epitomises modern heroism, and Brian Sewell and Tracey Emin somehow encapsulate ‘art’.

(As a tedious aside - we shouldn’t assume, like the Daily Mail, that ‘celebrities’ are in any way a modern idea.  Georgian England was rife with them.)

I appreciate that Eritrea doesn’t and shouldn’t need someone well known to take up its cause.  In fact it belittles the situation even to talk about it in these terms.  But that’s how the world works at the moment.  And we don’t have a celebrity associated with Eritrea and its suffering. 

Where’s Joanna Lumley when you need her?

This is a pretty round-about way of saying that I haven’t been able to find out very much about the Eritrean-American actress, Ella Thomas. Her website is here, but its not very useful unless you want to comission her for a fashion shoot.  There’s a rather strange article in ELEM, which tells us more about the interviewer than the interviewee, and there’s this standard piece of promotional guff.

It seems that Ms Thomas is proud of her Eritrean heritage, and I hope that she will add her voice to those speaking out against the Isaias regime. 

I would argue that it might actually be quite good for her professionally.  Everyone needs a USP to make them stand out at work, and a campaigner/model/actress is a much more interesting prospect for a journalist and a picture editor…..  This work got Anne Hathaway to the Nobel Peace Prize Awards this year after all.

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  1. Biniam says:

    No one knows this chick and she doesn’t give a shit about Eritrea.
    She is not even famous and she is not qualified to be celebrity. May be F list celebrity.
    Why do you want people to visit Eritrea? Eritreans are a bunch of cowards and who let some asshole murder their children and enslave them.

  2. admin says:

    Perhaps not terribly well known, but still more high profile in the public’s mind than any of the team behind Visit Eritrea. Which isn’t saying much.

    We want people to visit Eritrea because it’s a beautiful country, with a fascinating history, friendly people, amazing architecture and with some awesome scenery. We think that’s a pretty good reason.

    Categorising an entire population in the manner you do is a little bit irrational.

    I do agree with you about the ‘asshole’ bit though.

  3. Your Mom says:

    @Biniam who the hell do u think u are? I’m Eritrean and I’m proud to be one! U can’t talk shit like that bout somethin u don’t even noe bout. – Your Mom

  4. ermias says:

    So beautiful People and so beautiful country Eritrea!!1

  5. admin says:

    You’re right about both! Here’s a link to someone who’s trying to promote the people and the place: http://alena-alena.com/

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