Team VE on holiday this week

… so no posts until next weekend.

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  1. denden says:

    you remind me of ols eritrean saying “Gonder kedkas entay amtsika” lossly translating “you gone to Gonder what did you bring”the answer is NADA, zero, zilch, my dear eritreans friend nothing to talk about any more? well lets celbrate at my own expenses on foldin gof your bloggggg.,

  2. admin says:

    Not folded. Just resting. Had a fabulous holiday, got a promotion at work, and moved house.

    Denden, I’m back with a vengence.

    Go, Team Visit Eritrea!

  3. denden says:

    Wonderfull, you back and you had a jolly holiday most of all congratulations on your promotions, but sorry no promotions from me as your History on Eritrea or current knowledge is dismal(sorry need to tell the truth); hey but don’t give up, I am here to help you Eritrean issues ansd I am sure if you see issues from my point of view you will have different position from your current position.

    pls post you holi pics and only the decent ones’ pleas… we are British no…… loooolz


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