Wikileaks August (2012) #Eritrea deluge: Part XIV

Cable dated 07 June 2006:  30 to 50 wives and elders from the Debub region came to Asmara to inquire of the Office of the President about their missing husbands.  The women and elders sought information about their husband who were arrested following their children’s disappearance from Eritrea to either avoid national service requirements or to desert from current
service in the army.  In the autumn of 2005 the Isaias regime began arresting the parents of such individuals who fled Eritrea and now require families pay at least 50,000 nakfa (US$3333) to ensure their release.  In the case of these families who came to Asmara last week, the husbands remain incarcerated months after the families paid the bail monies.

Cable dated 14 June 2006:  Ambassador attended the opening session of the Eastern Front/Government of National Unity preparatory talks held in Asmara at the Eritrean Labor Union Hall.

Cable dated 16 June 2006: where the ambassador is rude about Nevsun.  Dealt with in separate post.

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