Anniversary of Delimitation: anniversary of international failure

President Isaias is a bad man who will clutch at any issue which allows him to repress the Eritrean people.    He can invent stuff (US involvement in Ethiopia’s recent attacks on Eritrea – why would they bother?) to justify his failure to implement the constitution and democracy, but it’s particularly galling for commentators (like us) when he doesn’t need to.

The Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission delivered its Decision on Delimitation of the Border between Eritrea and Ethiopia to representatives of the two governments on Saturday 13th April 2002 at the premises of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Peace Palace in The Hague.

That’s 10 years ago.

What’s happened since then?  Nothing.

The international communities’ failure to force President Meles of Ethiopia to acccept the EEBC’s decision is shameful.  We’ve got the levers (vast amounts of aid flow from western countries into Ethiopia) but we haven’t used them.

Movement towards demarcation of the border would help to undermine Isaias, and to show Eritreans and the Eritrean Diaspora that the West supports their country and its geographic integrity.

(For the unitiated, there’s a good post here by Frank Jacobs on the Opinion Pages of the New York Times which gives you a bit more background.  Mr Jacobs is the author of the ‘Strange Maps’ blog.)

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  1. denden says:

    For real the west support any african governments who are supported by their people? Dingus you must be jocking! first lesson is Melles is not a President, he is a Prime Minister, this is your first leson a second lesson is the west have a histroy of supporting despothinc leaders to name few in case you suffering from dementia, Mobutu, Haileselassie, Mubarek the list is end less on the other hand the west were instrumental in creating havoc accross africa in the name of democracy some thieir ill actions are they were prime instrumental in assasinating Patrice Lubumba and other patroitic and decent sons of Africa.

    Mr Dingus, keep on trying to defame Eritrea and belittle the cause of our people, from your lausiy articles you have a long way to got learn the history of Africa and Africans, more so of the horn of africa.

    God belss you dingus becuase you make my day in thinking I am not the only one to spot the good for nothing chattering boys.

  2. admin says:

    Dear Denden

    Good spot re Meles’ job (blushes), but – in return – note Western spelling!


    Mr D.

  3. denden says:

    Who cares about western spelling, as long us you got the facts that’s all it matters!

    Thanks my english language teacher!

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