The UK failed to cooperate fully with the Eritrea/Somalia Monitoring Group

One of the themes which constantly repeats itself throughout the Report is the lack of cooperation from major international powers with the Monitoring Group.  China keeps no record of (or doesn’t want to tell anyone about) the vast amount of weapons it churns out.  Russia was similarly unhelpful about weapons and about shippping.

On Page 416 (yes! I’ve reached the end!) you can see a list of  the worst culprits at Annex 13 of the Report. 

The UAE leads the way, failing to respond to 9 of the 11 letters sent to it by the Group.  But only slightly further down the list I see that the UK did not provide any information relating to two enquiries, and provided only partial information on one of them.

That’s intensely disappointing for someone who is more optimistic than most about our political and bureaucratic establishment in Westminster and Whitehall. 

It’s a disgrace, and I hope that the Group publishes the correspondence.  Or perhaps we should FOI it out of the FCO?

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  1. denden says:

    Dear WuwatnEri, I totally agree with you but to those people like this forieng blogger and other people who have ill will tagainst Eritrea will stop at nothing to destroy Eritrea. I am not the person who bodes well with the bible but it its teaching it warns whorshipers to watch out jackyles who wear a sheeps skin. What our blogger fails to understand or could not bother to ask is why was UK and other major powers failed to support this discredited monitoring group. It is beggers beliefe at this time and age there are some people who bode ills against other countries for no apparent reason or are they dims who can not defferntiate between truth and lies? My like wise I wish His Excellency President Isayas Afewrqi long life and may god help Eritrea’s enemies to come to their senses.

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