Monitoring report or John Le Carre novel?

I got to Page 90 and – if I’m honest – I’m reeling at the extent of the meddling that the Isaias regime has been involved in, and the level of detail of the Monitoring Report. 

There is so much information.

  • Isaias’ henchmen running covert operations in other countries are named (with aliases), photographs are provided, and details of their areas of responsibility set out.
  • There has been a remarkable series of interviews with members of the organisations which Eritrea has used to fight proxy wars with all (yes, ALL) of their neighbours.  That’s Al-Shaabab in Somalia, 7 organisations in Ethiopia, FRUD in Djibouti, and the SPLA and some SPLA splitters in the Sudan.  Often all of the planning and military support comes from Isaias and his flunkeys – it appears that some of  the groups would not function beyond a vague protest movement without his support.
  • The Isaias regime is responsible for moving weapons and money around the Horn of Africa in order to support these groups.  

(The Group have had some difficulty tracking the weapons effectively, and it appears that China is particularly poor at keeping records of where weapons manufacturered in the Middle Kingdom have gone.)

Its fascinating, and compelling, and dispiriting – just like a John Le Carre novel - but, unfortunately, in this case its real.  It shows how the Isaias regime has polluted and besmirched Eritrea and its international reputation.

Surely this will prompt some international action?  If it does, those who love Eritrea need to stand by and ensure that it is appropriate international action.

More to come….

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