Goods new story about Eritrea!

Its a rather dispiriting exercise cataloguing the outrages of the Isaias regime, particularly when it relates to a country you love.  So every once in a while its a relief to find something to celebrate

Quoting from the ODI’s website: 

Eritrea is one of the few countries expected to achieve the MDGs in health, in child health in particular. Infant and child mortality rates have reduced dramatically; immunisation coverage has rocketed; malaria mortality and morbidity have plummeted; and HIV prevalence has almost halved in a very short period. 

This can be attributed to the high prioritisation of health and education and a strong commitment to development among Eritreans, as well as to innovative multi-sectoral approaches to health. Finally, in spite of highly centralised control and relative political isolation, government commitment and ownership have played a key role in successful health outcomes. 


The ODI – to its credit – has pointed out that: 

The government maintains a policy of economic autarky, while restricting free enterprise and tightening its control over both the economy and society in general – an approach that has led to accusations of authoritarian and even dictatorial rule. 

and in the report itself: 


Meanwhile, if fewer resources had been devoted to defence and war, progress in other sectors might also have been visible. 

But its great to have something to cheer about. 

(The ODI, by the way, was founded in 1960 and is an independent think-tank based in the UK, who do research on international development and humanitarian policies.  They receive money from more than a dozen governments.   Other donors include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the East African Community (EAC), the Hewlett Foundation and the OECD, as well as “many international financial institutions, multinational companies, non-governmental organisations, think tanks and United Nations agencies”.) 



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    I rest my case you are just good for nothing, closed mind and simply driven to destroy the image Eritrea have. Never again thsi will be my last post becasue you have a hidden agenda to destablise Eritrea.

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